Ministry Iteration

While I believe that it is important to get ministry done right the first time, I am increasingly becoming a fan of iteration (or repetition) and learning by doing.

I recognize that some genius idea that I have may certainly turn out to only be genius in my head and not actually be helpful in helping people build relationships with God and with other people. I try to head these ideas off at the pass and keep them from consuming a great deal of my time or afflicting others with them.

But sometimes, I will go ahead and put an idea out there and see where it lands. Quick adaptation and repetition of the idea with a slightly different angle can quickly lead to an idea that is moving closer to perfection, that is, actually effective.

What do you think? Would you develop something before or after letting it out to the public?

Blogging 101: Introduction

I hope to equip other Resurrection staff to blog. In a few weeks, I will be leading a set of two workshops:

  • Blogging 101: Introduction – What is it? Why would I want to do it?
  • Blogging 201: Getting Started – Hands on at a computer

Here is the deal, I need your help in making sure that this is the best possible presentation. I have developed the following presentation for use in the 101 course. I will use Keynote live so the transitions and formatting will be much smoother, but the main content is here.

After presentation with the staff, I hope to be able to better develop this online and as a resource for others.

In regard to this presentation:

  • What needs to be added?
  • What would you change?
  • What might be added in a follow up document to go with the presentation?