Top 5 Things for Hands while Singing at Church

Sometimes I am not quite sure what to do with my hands while singing at church. I am not particularly comfortable with raising my hands, even when the song says “I lift my hands.” This is part of my personality and part of my current context. I want to share with you the things that I end up doing with my hands while singing at church and then I have an important question for you.

  1. Pocket Protector – This is when I have my hands in my pockets. I usually put my hands in my pockets when I am tired or a little uncomfortable with the song that I am singing. Transition to this pose most often comes from At Ease or Seat Backs.
  2. Seat Backs – When there is a pew or a seat in front of me and I am not sure what to do with my hands I may lightly rest them on the seat back in front of me. I hope the person doesn’t choose to sit down early. I might switch between this and The Fig Leaf
  3. The Fig Leaf – Hands folded in front of me. Think about it a minute.
  4. At Ease – This is where I try to keep my hands most of the time. I believe that I should be comfortable with them at my sides, but at times this will lead to ┬áPocket Protector
  5. Palms Up – When I am feeling particularly confident / moved by the Spirit, I may lift my palms face up with my forearms parallel to the ground. This has a couple different varieties depending on the position of my hands – straight out in front, together around the belly button, close to my heart.
  6. High Five – At a crescendo in the music or lyrics, I will occasionally move my right hand from Palms Up upward as if I were giving the air a high five and then return to Palms Up or At Ease.

What do you do with your hands while singing at church?

Speedlinking – June 5, 2008