My #SXSW Interactive Experience – Day 2

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I came to SXSW Interactive 2011 to gain perspectives, discover technology and learn practical steps that will help Resurrection Online fulfill our purpose of building a Christian community where non and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. I hope to share some highlights and next steps from the day for Resurrection Online and myself.

My Experience – Day 2

How Many Rungs?: Social Change & the Engagement Ladder

  • Most of the most important actions you may hope to influence do not happen online.
  • Micro-donors are making an emotional connection to a cause – They don’t care if you are tax-deductible or not.
  • Help everyone take the next step in their engagement instead of focusing on how many people are at a particular engagement level.
  • Choose one technology platform that you can use well instead of multiple platforms that you do not use well.
  • Help people know that they are truly able to make a difference in the world.

Are Your Customers a Crowd or a Community?

  • Crowds: receive information passively; have pride; are looking for benefits; driven by connection; prefer to get; powered by inspiration; are sustained by service
  • Communities: need a forum to communicate and interact; have purpose; are looking to belong; driven by collaboration; prefer to give; powered by influence; are sustained by story
  • Belonging can never be commoditized.
  • You do not have to scale the resources to connect the community and organization if you allow the whole community to belong to each other.
  • Do you have more places for your constituents to connect (listen and respond) or collaborate (influence next steps)?

Keynote: Seth Priebatsch

  • The previous decade was about the social layer – taking connections to family and friends online.
  • The next decade will be about the game layer – using game mechanics in the real world to motivate action.
  • The game layer may give us tools to make an impossible problem possible.
  • It is a huge win to move a problem from impossible to very difficult.
  • A group may be able to quickly solve a complex problem when given clear rules.

The Behavior Change Checklist. Down With Gamefication

  • The secret to behavior change is a feedback loop – an understanding of what one’s actions and how they affect things.

    The Behavior Change Checklist. Down With Gamefication
  • To create a feedback loop move data to meaning, meaning to actionability and actionability to data.
  • Our mind turns a feedback loop into a game.
  • Time discounting and delayed gratification are two major barriers to behavior change.
  • Time discounting refers to the greater value that is placed on enjoyment now over enjoyment in the future.

Lurkers: Your Most Important Community Members

  • At times, lurker = learner. People want to gain more information about the organization.
  • Everyone who becomes an active part of a community begin as lurkers.
  • The most active community members will cycle in and out over time.
  • Helping lurkers take one sharing opportunity is critical to ensure a continuing active community
  • Create the opportunity for people to engage as soon as they begin.

Next Steps for Resurrection Online

  • Focus on a single platform and use it very well before expanding.

    Inside the Austin Convention Center
  • Encourage offline actions (love your neighbor) through what happens online.
  • Develop a way to share and receive stories of people who worship with Resurrection Online.
  • Create opportunities to live out attributes of a community for Resurrection Online
  • Create opportunities for Resurrection Online regulars to influence future development.
  • What would a game layer would look like for the journey of knowing, loving and serving God?
  • What would a game layer would look like for worship at Resurrection Online?
  • Create feedback loops for membership expectations.
  • Pay attention to whether those that share feedback are regulars at Resurrection Online
  • Practice random acts of connection among regulars – email, phone, letter.
  • Create predictable programs to invite people to engage – once a week, first Monday, etc.
  • Facilitate connections among regular worshipers that are in similar situations
  • Create the opportunity for people to engage from the very first time they worship online

Next Steps for Me

  • Where can I be involved in making a difference that has a multiplier effect?
  • Be active in communities of which I am a part.
  • Try out
  • Check out TED Talks, each from a Seth – and
  • Create additional feedback loops around my desired behavior change.
  • Become a lurker/learner in some new online communities.

Sites to Investigate 

Downtown Austin


My #SXSW Interactive Experience – Day 1

Badge Pick Up

I came to SXSW Interactive 2011 to gain perspectives, discover technology and learn practical steps that will help Resurrection Online fulfill our purpose of building a Christian community where non and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. Over the next few days, I will share some highlights and next steps from the day for Resurrection Online and myself.

My Experience – Day 1

  • I will likely take free stuff –  T-shirt from Gowalla, headband and mmmpanadas from Groupon, and a taste of Man Bites Dog from SquareSpace.
  • The line to pick up badges was where I saw the highest percentage of people engrossed in their mobile device that I had ever experienced.
  • I think I had a sense of what coming to Leadership Institute at Resurrection is like for some people – This is the biggest conference that I have ever attended and it is overwhelming at times.
  • Well run logistics, especially transportation and registration, are necessary for a conference to have a chance at success. Well done SXSW.

    Austin Convention Center
  • Some people are here to party. I am not.

MicroMarketing: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small

  • The next big thing is no more big things. There are a lot of small things.
  • Content consumption and production has become shorter over time – books to magazine or newspaper articles to blogs to 140 character updates.
  • Small content can travel fast and free far across the web.
  • For many marketers micro media and short form content is a mess – you cannot market in mass ways on the internet.
  • Learn from how constituents are actually engaging with content instead of case studies and best practices.

Why Everything is Amazing But Nobody is Happy

Why Everything is Amazing But Nobody is Happy
  • What is an amazing piece of technology to which you  feel entitled, so much so that you complain about it when it doesn’t work exactly like you want it?
  • Bilocationality is trying to be two places at once, often using technology.
  • Social media is information poor as a result of no nonverbal communication.
  • Interacting with the internet is behavior that may become compulsive, however may not be addictive.
  • Explore opportunities to create positive competitive environments.

Metrics for Social Media: The Net Promoter Score

  • I did not make it in to this presentation because the room was full when I arrived late, as a result of the shuttle ride between locations.

Ignite SXSW – 2021 Vision of the Future

  • I took part in the egg drop competition to try to win a Roku. I did not win.
  • Free quesadillas and nachos were supper for me.
  • The first few presentations were unimpressive, so I came back to my hotel.

Next Steps for Resurrection Online

  • Be aware that Resurrection Online is amazing technology to which some people feel entitled.
  • Be aware that Resurrection Online encourages bilocationality – people trying to be two places at once.
  • Provide guidance for people to prepare offline for worship online. Some internal preparation may be helpful before you turn on the screen.
  • Create opportunities for positive competitive environments – best guidance, most faithful next steps, insightful response to scripture or worship, etc.
  • Investigate and

Next Steps for Me

  • Beware of book readings at conferences.
  • Visit the 2 Week SXSW Apple Store to take a look at the new iPad.
  • Pay attention to venues when selecting sessions or workshops – being present at a second choice session is better than missing a first choice session.
  • There is not a need to do everything at SXSW, at work or home.
  • Be present.

The Church Should Be More Like @Gowalla

One of the latest waves in social media is location based services like Gowalla and Foursquare. The concept is to use your mobile device to “Check In” to locations that you visit and use it as a tool to connect with people and places. Gowalla recently released an application programming interface (API) to allow other applications to be developed that link to data from Gowalla. The guidelines for using the API, from the website, are:

  • Check in where the user actually is
  • Don’t encourage checking in where the user isn’t
  • Never check in without permission from the user
  • Encourage social behavior, discourage bot-like behavior
  • Rapid, repeated checkins are not tolerated
  • Use the API responsibly

These were first brought to my attention from  this article on TechCrunch, which summarizes the API Guidelines in this way, “Or to put it more succinctly: authenticity.” You have to actually be at a location to check in. I can’t check in to a location in St. Louis if I am in Kansas City.


This is why the church should be more like Gowalla – connect real people in real places with a real God.