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My Vision for the United Methodist Church

I have been thinking a lot about the United Methodist Church, including the Top 5 Reasons I Stay in The United Methodist Church earlier in the week. My vision for the United Methodist Church is that: Every church or charge will have at least one new member join by profession of faith each year. United Methodists […]

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This is Good Juice!

Last night I had the great opportunity to serve communion at KidsCOR for family communion which gives families an opportunity to receive communion together as a family. One of the interactions with the kids was priceless. Child: (a few feet away, to Mom) What do I do? Mom: You go get the bread first. (Child […]


WWJBlog? (1 of 3)

I think that Jesus would blog good news. This is the first thing that he publicly proclaims to people when he began his ministry and continues to be the focus of those who follow him today. I think that primarily commenting on other blogs would be a way of spreading this good news – connecting […]

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iCampus – Why start an internet campus?

This is a series of responses to questions about an internet campus from a previous series of posts. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments and I will try to respond to each one. Thanks! Why start an internet campus? This is a great question and a fundamental […]

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Good News for All

Last week I posted on Christianity and Other Religions and included my thoughts about how to best respond to someone of another faith. I want to follow up on some of the conversation that I have had via the comments and emails on my assertion that it is more important to share the good news […]