Pastoral Excellence: Equipping People

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In my pastoral ministry, I hope to be effective at bearing fruit in God’s kingdom. I believe that one of the ways that I can be part of God’s work is to be excellent at equipping people.

There are some things that I can do, say or ways that I can be that can bear fruit in God’s kingdom. As a United Methodist Elder, there are things that are distinctively my role – word, order, sacrament and service. While there are things that I can do, I believe that it is more important for me to be about equipping other people for God’s work.

Sometimes I hesitate to equip others because there are times when it is faster and easier to just do something myself. It is far more important that I be about helping people live out the gifts that they have as part of the community. Equipping others is one of my most important roles as a pastor.

What do you do to equip others? What are effective ways of calling out God’s gifts in others?

Opportunity or Tragedy

A couple weeks ago, Dan Entwistle asked what I was doing at Discovery Ark preschool and he said,

Wherever you are there is either opportunity or tragedy.

As a pastor, I hope that this is true. I hope to see opportunities everywhere to be a catalyst for God’s work and be present with those who are in need of a reminder of hope in the face of tragedy.

That morning I happened to have the opportunity to pray with the teachers at Discovery Ark grieving the death of one of the young mothers whose child is a member of the preschool.

Tragedy / Opportunity

Opportunity / Tragedy