I am proud of… my mom

I am proud of my mom, Joyce Conard. She cares for people in a profound way and I have felt her care for many years. I respect her knowledge as a nurse and her flexibility to work in many different settings throughout her working life – learning something new at each place. I am impressed by the way that she engages and learns technology, even though she does not feel that it is her strong suit.

She has provided leadership roles in each of the churches of which she has been a part and has a steady faith that has shaped my faith throughout my life. She is an excellent mom and has loved, cared and supported me throughout my life and continues to do so.

Why I Use… (6 of 6)

I hope that you have enjoyed this series. I am always looking for new tools that can allow me to have more time to spend with people and make connections deeper and more effective. Just last week, I signed up for two new services which I am trying out.

  • Remember the Milk – Is, according to their website, “the best way to manage your tasks.” I have transferred all my tasks from Outlook to RTM and have enjoyed the additional functionality, web 2.0ness and flexibility to access on various platforms. I am considering purchasing an iPhone as a Happy 2009 and look forward to integration on this platform.
  • Evernote – Is, according to their website, “Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.” I am not yet as convinced of the utility of Evernote, but have begun to save items there.

What are tools that you use to make your job easier or more efficient?