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I am proud of… my mom

I am proud of my mom, Joyce Conard. She cares for people in a profound way and I have felt her care for many years. I respect her knowledge as a nurse and her flexibility to work in many different settings throughout her working life – learning something new at each place. I am impressed […]


Why I Use… (6 of 6)

I hope that you have enjoyed this series. I am always looking for new tools that can allow me to have more time to spend with people and make connections deeper and more effective. Just last week, I signed up for two new services which I am trying out. Remember the Milk – Is, according […]

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BMW Ecclesiology

I heard one of the best articulations of the nature and structure of the church that I have heard in a long time in this clip from BMW. Keys to this design and to renewal within the church – Flexibility Innovation Experimentation What do you think? Thanks to Signals v. Noise for the link.