Business of the Church: Finance (4 of 5)

This is a part of a series of posts responding to the question: Is the church a business? Today the focus is on finance.

It is critical to the life of a local congregation that good business practices be used when dealing with money and finance. Giving is an important part of our discipleship as Christians and being a good steward, manager and utilizer of money that is given is an important part of the life of the local community.

Google Checkout and the Church

Giving through Google Checkout is a great short post on the Official Google Blog about giving to non profit facilitated online. This post along with Making it Easier for People to Tithe from Tim Stevens makes me think – of course, enable online giving for people in faith communities.

Here at Resurrection, we use Electronic Funds Transfer as an automated way of giving, but we do not currently support online giving. This year we placed our estimate of giving card online which is a step in that direction. Some have wondered about the participatory nature of giving as an act of worship. Is this taken away when one gives online or it is automatically withdrawn? We did recently place cards in the seat back in the worship space for an EFT Offering – so that those who have a donation automatically withdrawn can physically participate in worship.