Faith Like a Deciduous Tree (2 of 4)

As the winter has turned to spring in Kansas, I have been reflecting on faith and its comparison to various things in nature. This is the second in a series of posts on this topic.

A deciduous tree is always somewhere in a cycle with its leaves: budding, green, browning, losing and bare. This type of faith would be somewhere in a cycle: growth, vibrancy, losing luster and barren. While a deciduous tree goes through the seasons in a year, this type of faith could cycle much more often or perhaps over a series of years. Like the evergreen tree there would be periods of growth and dormancy, however they would be more noticeable on the outside. Any disease or pests become evident when the leaves begin to turn brown. Questions about faith or times of spiritual discontent would be evident sooner than later. A catastrophic event could completely uproot this tree (or faith) and leave it without roots to die.

Would you like to have faith like a deciduous tree?

What else would you add to this simile?

Micro Church Demonstration and Pilot Groups

Last week was an exciting week in developing the concept of using the worship stream at to facilitate small groups gathering for worship. Along with others, I was in conversation with leaders from two annual conferences, a local church in Wichita and an existing Resurrection based home group. Each of the annual conferences indicated interest in the concept and expressed a desire to experience a demonstration in districts. This is exciting – Really a way to rethink church (This blog post is buzzword compliant 🙂 You can see the presentation at:

A small group in Wichita and at Resurrection are going to pilot the live worship experience as a small group for several weeks this fall. Three or six week segments.

  • October 18
  • October 25
  • November 1
  • November 1
  • November 8
  • November 15

Are you interested in the potential of internet technology to facilitate house or micro churches? Read more at and email me at andrew dot conard at cor dot org if you are a leader interested in leading a small group for 3 or 6 weeks this fall to pilot the experience.