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Strategizing for the District

Since being appointed to serve within the Topeka District of the Great Plains Annual Conference, I have had the opportunity to serve as the lead for the Topeka District Strategy Team. I have been learning as I go, seeking to get to know congregations and leaders of the area. Here are some of my current […]

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What Annual Big Events Inspire and Encourage You?

I have been taking part in The Global Leadership Summit from the Willow Creek Association yesterday and today. This is my fourth year in being part of this event. I have picked up some good stuff each year. I find inspiration and encouragement each year. The only other annual big event that I have experienced that […]


Speedlinking – June 4, 2010

The World Map of Touristyness is a cool look at the world. Walk a mile in another’s shoes – Connecting with the right community has step by step advice for doing just that. Want people to start reading the Bible? come to worship? etc. Check out Behavior Change Made Easy (sort of) Another good nugget […]