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Evaluation that Leads to Cuts: Senior Staff Retreat (4 of 4)

The conversation around the  Call to Action: Reordering the Life of the UMC and the subsequent UMC Leadership Summit, as well as the conversation in Kansas and Nebraska about Great Plans for the Great Plains: A Vision (PDF Link), I have been reflecting on the time that I spent on the spring senior staff retreat at Resurrection in which […]

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What is a guaranteed appointment in the UMC?

According to the 2008 Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, “Every effective elder in full connection who is in good standing shall be continued under appointment by the bishop…” (¶334.1) There is conversation about changing the “shall” in this paragraph to “may.” This would, in effect, end a guaranteed appointment to serve at […]


Speedlinking – October 1, 2008

tough questions from an upper elementary student about missions and Santa Roman Catholic Practices in United Methodist Worship? Great question and response… Great questions for Evaluation of weekend worship The Simplicity Beyond Complexity – a great quote shared among leaders that I respect. A great reminder for me right now at Get to vs. have […]