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Power of Environment: I Want to Work Here

At one of my favorite coffee shops, I overheard a group of students say to the barista, “We’re going to work here when we get old enough.” I was struck by the power of this statement. The environment and culture is so enjoyable that someone would want to work there in the future. Not just […]


Two Realities about Jobs

I had a great conversation with a colleague a couple weeks ago about the reality of jobs. Here is what he had to say: When considerino possibile roles or commitments, play to your passions and don’t apologize for it. There will always be a part of every job that you hate. What would you add […]

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Paternity Leave Letter and Details

I have had several clergy friends ask about the details of my recent paternity leave, so I wanted to share some of the questions and my responses, as well as the letter that I used to initiate the process. I was on paid leave for 5 weeks full time and 3 weeks part time. My […]


Back from Paternity Leave

I am back from paternity leave and am considering resuming posting here at Thoughts of Resurrection. However, when I checked my stats of views over the past few months, I found something interesting. In the month of January, I made no posts to the blog and the average page views per day was only down […]

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What to Do with Ineffective United Methodist Clergy

I recognize there is debate about how to determine what makes a clergy person effective. Whatever criteria is used, when a clergy person is determined to be ineffective she or he should find another job before the end of the appointive year. This doesn’t mean being kicked out of the church or Christian community. It […]

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New Appointive Year

As of July 1, 2009 I have completed three years under appointment as a United Methodist pastor. At this point my appointment history is pretty simple: July 2006 to present – Appointed to The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection As I begin my fourth year of appointment, I am looking forward to ordination in […]