Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

I am spending my day in Wichita at a professional development experience – Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement. It provided by the Disney Institute and hosted by the Wichita Independent Business Association.

The concepts planned for the day, include:

  • Fostering a Workplace Culture
  • Selecting the Right-Fit Talent
  • Training the Culture
  • Communicating to Inform & Inspire
  • Creating a Caring Environment

I am interested to see how these concepts apply to Berryton United Methodist Church and the Great Plains Annual Conference. The engagement level of the current congregation today is evident to people who may visit the congregation for the first time. Engagement also makes a difference in how readily someone is to share with others about their experience with God and the local church. I am looking forward to more today and will be paying attention to how we can make progress in congregational engagement.

Extravagant Generosity at the Hardware Store

I really enjoy my local True Value hardware store, Dobbels. The employees are knowledgeable and helpful. As the winter was turning into spring, I went in looking for a solution on my extension cord for our mower. You see, I had sliced it when shoveling our sidewalk in the winter. It was under the snow as it was powering the Christmas lights on the bush in front of our home. I didn’t know if I needed a new cord or if it could just be wrapped up. It did not look too bad for me, but I sure didn’t want to tempt an accident.

I walked in and lingered by the front of the store while a man was checking out. The employee behind the register asked if I could use some help. I said yes, and explained that I was looking for someone that knew something about electrical cords. The customer who had just finished his transaction paused and said, “I know about them.”

I showed him the cut in the cord. He said, no problem. It will be fine, just wrap it up with a little plastic tape. I thanked him and asked the employee where I could find the plastic electrical tape. Upon hearing that, the customer who was about to leave offered to repair it with his own plastic tape. We walked out to his truck and he fixed it up.

He was an electrician and offered was extravagantly generous.

I was blessed.

Speedlinking – December 11, 2008