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Excellence in Ministry #umbom14 – Reflections from Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of the BOM Mid Quad Training Event in Denver. The morning was a back and forth between presentation from Bishop Hagiya of The Pacific Northwest Conference and conversation in response at our tables with others from our annual conference. In the afternoon we self-selected into affinity groups for conversation and the evening brought jurisdiction meetings. […]

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What is a guaranteed appointment in the UMC?

According to the 2008 Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, “Every effective elder in full connection who is in good standing shall be continued under appointment by the bishop…” (¶334.1) There is conversation about changing the “shall” in this paragraph to “may.” This would, in effect, end a guaranteed appointment to serve at […]

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Top 8 Reasons to End Guaranteed Appointments in the UMC

If I could change one thing in the United Methodist Church today, I would end guaranteed clergy appointments. Here are the top 10 reasons to end this practice: 8. Ineffective clergy will be more easily removed from leading a United Methodist church. 7. Effective clergy will be responsible for a increasing number of churches. 6. […]

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United Methodist Bishop’s Call to Action

I find hope from this progress report… Progress Report Call to Action Steering Committee November 2009 Background and Introduction The Call to Action as adopted by the Council of Bishops in May 2009 challenged a Steering Committee “to guide our denominational response to the urgent opportunity for further alignment of the mission of the church […]

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Bishop Jones Said… (3 of 4)

Another quote from Bishop Scott Jones at the Kansas East Residency Retreat: “I am a Methodist preacher and I will go where the church sends me.” I was struck by the plain missional approach in this statement. Being in ministry is not primarily about my goals, desires or needs. These are an important part of […]


Why I Use Arena (5 of 6)

Arena Church Management System has been used at Resurrection since early this year. I have used it as a part of my usual work within Congregational Care, but am certain that a greater level of functionality can be determined within our department. I am determined to wring every last bit of efficiency and work savings […]