Vision Questions for Resurrection Online


I have recently been asking those who regularly worship with Resurrection Online questions about vision. Here they are:

  • What is Resurrection Online?
  • Why does it matter to people?
  • Where do you think it is going now?
  • Where do you think it should be going?
I have received some interesting and insightful responses. How might these be applied for you? What other questions do you ask stakeholders about the church or ministry area?

Resurrection Online: Extension or Campus?

One of the questions that people ask about Resurrection Online is this:

Is Resurrection Online one of the regional campuses of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection or is it an online extension of Resurrection?

In some ways it is both. There are people who are primarily connected at one of Resurrection‘s physical locations that worship online each week. These are people that are sick, out of town, recovering from surgery, have a sick child and any number of other situations that leads them to worship online that week. There are people who are not at all connected with one of Resurrection‘s physical locations who worship online most weekends during the year. For the former group of people, Resurrection Online is an online extension of Resurrection. For the latter, Resurrection Online is one of Resurrection‘s campuses and this is the way that these individuals connect with our purpose of building a Christian community where non religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.

While Resurrection Online may be experienced in different ways for different people, it makes sense to focus on one vision for the ministry and continue to move forward in that way. That vision is that Resurrection Online is one of Resurrection‘s campuses. Our goal is to move toward offering the opportunity to live out all the membership expectations of the church online and encourage people to get connected in person, when possible. I hope that Resurrection Online will be a tool for people to be more engaged in their faith and not less engaged. Developing the opportunity to grow in your faith outside of worship and serve God inside and outside the church are key areas that Resurrection Online are key areas ahead for this ministry area.

Resurrection Online is a campus of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. In the months ahead, we will focus our efforts on continuing to develop Resurrection Online to be a place where we more fully live out our purpose to build a Christian community where non religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.

Leading Ideas: Welcoming Newcomers (1 of 3)

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I continue to appreciate the work of Lovett Weems and the entire team at the Lewis Center for Church Leadership. The offer a great number of resources for pastors, congregations, students and denominations at I wanted to draw your attention to Leading Ideas – a biweekly newsletter from the Lewis Center. You can find more information here.

One of the recent great articles was about the Top 10 Learnings about Welcoming Newcomers.

At Resurrection, we try to have excellent hospitality – in worship, events, service, small groups – nearly anything that is connected with the church. How do you welcome newcomers at your church?

Good, Holy or Great Friday

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No matter how you refer to this day, it is one on which we remember the pivotal event in human historyJesus of Nazareth was crucified, suffered and died in a way that was redemptive for all creation.

I am looking forward to participating in the Good Friday Prayer Vigil at Resurrection. How will you commemorate the day?

Use this link to find out more about Good Friday.

How to Launch Online Worship or an Internet Campus for Your Church

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This is a collection of posts from this blog that you might find helpful when considering beginning online worship or an internet campus at your church. These are collected blog posts from my experience as Pastor of Resurrection Online.

Before Launch


Continued Development

Easter Break

As you may have noticed, I had a bit of an unannounced Easter break here on the blog. I should be back to regular posts these days.

On a fun note, Nicole and I stopped by the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture on Saturday and picked up a bunch of tomato plants for transplant. I took out a shrub and now have the beginnings of a tomato garden in our back yard landscaping. I have some more to plant and a few to take down to my parents.

Nothing is delicious like fresh tomatoes from the vine.