Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan – Are you serious?

I live in Kansas and don’t have a vote in this race, however the local television stations have been playing ads like this for weeks. I am getting a little tired of hearing ads like this. There is no way that this represents a reasonable form of discourse. Anybody out there going to the Rally to Restore Sanity?

Biden, McCain, Obama, Palin – Thoughts on the Election

I watched John McCain announce Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential running mate and was intrigued. Some questions that it raised for me…

  • Was Palin chosen primarily to appeal to former Clinton supporters?
  • Is Palin ready to be president, if something were to happen to John McCain?
  • How will Obama and / or Clinton respond to the choice of a woman on the Republican ticket?
  • Is the fact that someone is not a white male a reason to vote for that person?

I think that the 2008 election became a lot more interesting today and I believe that as a Christian I have a responsibility to consider how and if my vote might be a part of God’s kingdom coming on earth.

What do you think?