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Christian Content Creation Model

Why is it difficult to create effective content for Christian spiritual formation? Because people creating the content are not aware of the answers being sought. I recently read an article in¬†Wired Magazine about Demand Media and the way that they go about creating content. This excerpt from the¬†article gives an idea of Demand Media’s model […]

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Evolution, Creation and Christianity

I got another great question from Nelson who had previously asked about Sex, Gender and the Bible. I must say some good questions all around. So here goes. How do you respond to someone who asserts that it is impossible to believe in both evolution and creation? First, let me define terms. By evolution, I […]

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Physics of the Trinity

Please walk me through the physics of the Trinity. I believe that the Trinity exists in a way of being that is quite different from the way of existence that we understand as humans. I do not think that there is any way of understanding the Trinity in terms of physics. I would certainly not […]