Who are the major competitors┬áto Resurrection Online?

I am working with a design firm on a redesign of the Resurrection Online website and part of the process is an assessment of the current website, including: “Who are your major “competitors”?”

I can tell you that it is not primarily other churches. For Resurrection Online, competitors include

All other content on the web.

When you show up to a physical church building you have decided that you will be there and there is a good deal of social pressure that will keep you there until the service is over, or almost over. Online you can be gone in a click. Hmm…

Who are the major competitors to your church?

Cheering Section for (your title here)

I am heading out of town tonight and will not be present for the first annual Resurrection staff flag football match tomorrow. You can read more about it here:

Flag Football Fighting

flag football conspiracy-indulge me

While I am disappointed that I will be out of town I will put forward some names for the event. Feel free to put your vote in or suggest your own.

The First Annual:

  • Resurrection Rumble
  • Rumble at Resurrection
  • Fall Classic at Resurrection
  • Campus Competition: Pigskin Edition
  • CART Team Classic
  • Resurrection Bowl