Myths of the Annual Conference: Communication

I have heard it said that communication is difficult across the annual conference as there are many different ways that people communicate and there is not a single best way to communicate.

I believe that there is a hint of truth here, but that it could be addressed relatively easily.

I propose that both the Kansas West and Kansas East Annual Conferences take seriously the need to communicate and make improvements in the efficiency by which it is done. To that end, I propose that every church in the conference have a computer and high speed internet access. Broadband is spreading across rural areas and could be also facilitated through services like WildBlue. This would level the playing field of communication technology and allow communication to move toward standardizing via email and other electronic means. Will this take time? Yes. But I believe that creating a benchmark of technology for each church could increase communication and over time make things like annual reports much simpler as they could be completed electronically. Not being able to communicate is a myth of the annual conference. Internet Campus – Introduction (1 of 8)

As mentioned last week, I recently went on a trip to visit with Clif Guy, Brian Slezak and Chuck Russell. Our purpose was to benchmark their internet campus. If you are interested, read my thoughts on benchmarking and also thoughts on a worship venue benchmark trip.

This series will chronicle some of my thoughts about the trip. I have been processing this trip over the past several days and there are several things that stand out. I will work to focus not on the entire picture, but instead on a few details that have kept me thinking. At the conclusion of this series, I will seek to respond to any questions that you may have about an internet campus – in particular or in general. I will respond to comments along the way and address any larger questions in separate posts.

Clif chronicled the trip in pictures…

Speedlinking – April 16, 2008