I appreciated the landmark title from Drs. Cloud and Townsend – Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life. Cloud and Townsend move through defining boundaries, examining boundaries in different circumstances and finally suggestions on how to develop healthy boundaries. This is basic boundary stuff and it is good.

While it does contain quality material, it was not the most engaging read. I found it to be quite helpful for those who may be experiencing boundary crises. I will use some of the work from this book in my time providing guidance for people in the congregation and also look forward to improving my personal boundaries. I recommend it to all church leaders and those who feel that they may have taken on too much in their life.

Why I Use Google Docs (2 of 6)

I use Google Docs because it exists in the cloud and I get the same access to my documents at any computer connected to the internet. This is great as right now I may find myself working at Saint Luke’s Hospital, Resurrection, home or on the road. I have all my documents wherever I go in a common easily editable and sharable format.

I also use Google Docs as a document management system. I scan documents and upload them to Google Docs. I can view them online any time and do not have to keep the hard copy. I will always be able to print hard copy if I need them. What is this Google Docs of which you speak? Check out this video…

How do you manage documents – word processing or paper filing? Suggestions?