Pilgrimage to Resurrection

I have attended Leadership Institute at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection every year that I have served under appointment as a United Methodist preacher. I was only able to be present for one day this year, but it was still worth it. Here is what made it good:

  • Connection – It is great to reconnect with both congregants and staff at the church, as well as colleagues from across the conference and around the connection.
  • Remembering – Nicole and I began our life as a married couple serving as associate pastors. They were formative years in discovering how to be a couple and how to be a pastor.
  • Time Away – I am able to rest in the reality that, even for just a few moments, someone else is tending to all the details at church.
  • Inspiration – The speakers and workshops are excellent. They help stretch my mind beyond what is to what might be.
  • Being Present – It is good to be around a big group of people that are committed to making progress in their local church – wherever that may be. There is a tangible sense that we are all about God’s work in the mission field.

I realized this year that it has become a bit of a pilgrimage for me and I am glad for the opportunity to return.

Pastor Andrew welcomes the N-R Pastorate to my blog

Hi, my name is Andrew Conard, pastor for those whose last names begin with N-R at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Welcome to my blog, Thoughts of Resurrection. I hope that you will take time to explore some of the top posts here over the past month. Check back for new posts regularly.

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  3. Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

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Coffee with the Pastors – April 2008

Welcome to all those in the N-R Pastorate who decided to become members of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection today at Coffee with the Pastors!

I look forward to being connected with each of you more in the future. If you became a member today, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. Thanks and blessings on your day!