Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

I am spending my day in Wichita at a professional development experience – Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement. It provided by the Disney Institute and hosted by the Wichita Independent Business Association.

The concepts planned for the day, include:

  • Fostering a Workplace Culture
  • Selecting the Right-Fit Talent
  • Training the Culture
  • Communicating to Inform & Inspire
  • Creating a Caring Environment

I am interested to see how these concepts apply to Berryton United Methodist Church and the Great Plains Annual Conference. The engagement level of the current congregation today is evident to people who may visit the congregation for the first time. Engagement also makes a difference in how readily someone is to share with others about their experience with God and the local church. I am looking forward to more today and will be paying attention to how we can make progress in congregational engagement.

I am proud of… my dad.

As I am starting off the new year, I wanted to take some time to share how proud I am of close family members. I have shared life with each one in a special way and each has taught me how to live. I am going to start with my dad.

My dad, Mark Conard, is a great dad and an excellent United Methodist pastor. I am proud of the way that he leads congregations. I see in him a constant desire to do the best that he is able for all of God’s people. He has a passion for the people of Zimbabwe and that the churches of which he is a part will take the next step in faith. I have learned a lot about ministry from his experience and will continue to learn from him.

Beyond that, he is a great dad – supportive, caring, fun. I appreciate the way that he has supported me through the years in many different days. I hope to be a dad like him one day.