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Listen for God’s Yes and No

I want to add a postcript to my recent reflections on Calling in Your Life. My Ethics professor in seminary reminded our class: If God says yes to a particular opportunity in your life, God may say no to that same opportunity in the future. It is important to continue to listen to God – both […]

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Calling in Your Life

The article, Does a Calling Have to Be Religious?, from the Huffington Post addresses something that has shaped my life – calling. For me it has primarily been God‘s call in my life and a call. Here is an excerpt from the article, that I just couldn’t break into pieces. “In 1904, Rainer Maria Rilke, writing […]

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The Echo Within

I just finished up The Echo Within: Finding Your True Calling by Robert Benson. I admit that I was a bit skeptical of the book when I started. From the front and back cover, I assumed that it would be a bit too lovely for me. I was surprised at what I found. Benson writes […]

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Leadership: Contentment / Dreaming Paradox (3 of 3)

This post originated from an Advanced Leadership Development course that was a part of the Wesley Academy at Resurrection taught by Dr. Lovett Weems and Cathy Abbott. Contentment isn’t complacency. Dreaming isn’t envy. How do you be content where you are while dreaming for the future? In what ways does it make sense to see […]

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Finish It – God’s Call (5 of 5)

This series is about your thoughts. Each day I will post a sentence starter and invite you to finish it with a comment. I feel that God may be calling me…

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Had the disciples heard of Jesus before?

I have had the opportunity to lead the Builders Sunday Morning Small Group for three weeks studying the gospel according to Mark. This question was shared during our time together. When Jesus called the first disciples, had they heard of him before? Did they have any knowledge of this man who was asking them to […]