Young Adult Clergy Booth at Kansas West Annual Conference

Last week, I was part of the Kansas West Annual Conference. It was a great conference. I tried a new thing and reserved a booth for young clergy. This had several positive outcomes, including:

  • Gathered a (perhaps) comprehensive list of young adult clergy within the annual conference
  • Increased awareness of young adults in ministry in the conference
  • Created space to share words of wisdom about ministry
  • Created space to share dreams for the denomination
  • Shared information about 40 Days of Prayer and Exploration 2009

I felt that it was a significant step in encouraging young people in ministry within Kansas West.

Thanks to Jeff Slater for the photos!

UMYC Booth at Annual Conference

I reserved a booth at Kansas West Annual Conference for young clergy and have the following ideas…

  • Gathering place for young clergy
  • Distribution of social media guide for UM Young Clergy
  • Distribution of physical copy of 40 days of prayer initiative
  • Share ideas for young clergy gatherings throughout the year
  • Potentially a place to audio record stories of young clergy to be able to share with others.

What else purposes might a booth at annual conference for young clergy serve? Add comments here and I will compile into a document to be used in any conference.