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A United Methodist Pastor’s Template for Premarital Appointments

As a pastor, I have the great honor of being part of some of the most significant events in the lives of people. One of these is when a couple is joined together in Christian marriage. Premarital appointments with a couple are crucial as they create the opportunity to: Get to know each other Plan a service of Christian […]

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Guaranteed Appointments: Discrimination and Prophetic Voice

A few of the key points in favor of continuing guaranteed appointments include: Guaranteed appointments prevents a congregation from hiring or firing a clergy person based on her or his race, color, national origin, or sex. Guaranteed appointments prevents a congregation from hiring or firing a clergy person in response to their prophetic voice in […]

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Top 8 Reasons to End Guaranteed Appointments in the UMC

If I could change one thing in the United Methodist Church today, I would end guaranteed clergy appointments. Here are the top 10 reasons to end this practice: 8. Ineffective clergy will be more easily removed from leading a United Methodist church. 7. Effective clergy will be responsible for a increasing number of churches. 6. […]

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Developmental Appointments in the UMC

The United Methodist Church would benefit from more developmental appointments. I recently read How to build great leaders from Fortune magazine which describes developmental assignments in the business world. This excerpt from the article provides an example of this type of assignment: Consider what happened at General Electric back in 1989, when the company’s appliance […]