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1,002 Activities

With a 4.5 mile run today, I recorded 1,0002 activities with the RunKeeper app. I have had on and off seasons of running over the years. Here’s a snapshot of my mileage each month.

Mileage Per Month as recorded in the RunKeeper app

One of the gaps in 2018 was when I switched to using MapMyRun for a bit. Now, I am day 260 of running at least a mile outside every day. It feels good.

I wonder what a chart of my practice of spiritual disciplines would be like over time. While there would be fewer significant gaps, there would be gaps. My “mileage” each month for spiritual practices would most certainly go up and down over time.

My goal in running and spiritual disciplines is steady progress over time. Consistency shapes my body and soul.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner