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Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

I am spending my day in Wichita at a professional development experience – Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement. It provided by the Disney Institute and hosted by the Wichita Independent Business Association.

The concepts planned for the day, include:

  • Fostering a Workplace Culture
  • Selecting the Right-Fit Talent
  • Training the Culture
  • Communicating to Inform & Inspire
  • Creating a Caring Environment

I am interested to see how these concepts apply to Berryton United Methodist Church and the Great Plains Annual Conference. The engagement level of the current congregation today is evident to people who may visit the congregation for the first time. Engagement also makes a difference in how readily someone is to share with others about their experience with God and the local church. I am looking forward to more today and will be paying attention to how we can make progress in congregational engagement.

One reply on “Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement”

I look forward to reading your comments on this. My own feeling is that you are not going to find much that will be helpful. The Disney group is going to focus on the employees of the organization and it would appear that you are are focusing on the membership of the church. Those are two distinct population groups.

I would think the topics on communication and creating a caring environment might be of some help but the direction in which the information is transmitted might be backwards.

Those are just my thoughts, of course.

In peace,

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