Garage Sale Makes It Real

Last weekend we had our final garage sale in El Dorado. We got rid of a lot of stuff and made a little bit of money. It was a great success! Our focus on garage sales each time we have one has been to primarily get rid of things. We try to mark prices that will be reasonable for about anybody who might be interested in the thing to which the price is attached. The innovation this year was to add a “Sack Sale” for children’s clothing. Each item was 25¢ individually or if you filled a plastic grocery sack you could have the whole sack for $2.00. Some people declined the sack, others added some items, and others stuffed it to the brim. We were glad to have people receive clothes for people that were that size – because no one in our household is any more!

This year, we did not move anything back in to the house. Everything that we had for sale was either placed out by the curb with a “Free” sign or taken to Goodwill to be donated or in some cases. Our garage had been filled with items for some weeks as we prepared for the sale, so the physical emptying of the space helped the realization settle in that we are really moving. It is time for our physical belongings to be moved from one place to the next – not only that, but we are moving soon!

We are grateful for a bit lighter load on the way.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner