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11,603 Pounds

Last week, I worked with a representative of our moving company to get an estimate of how much our belongings weigh. We had the conversation over FaceTime and I went through every room in our house, garage, shed, backyard – everywhere – opening cabinets and describing what was there. The next day, I received an email detailing our possessions and providing an estimate of their weight.

11,603 pounds

It was fascinating and sobering. I was amazed at the inventory that was able to be completed in just a short time and the specificity with which the estimate was made. I was sobered by the realization that this was an estimate of the totality of things that we have in our home. All the stuff that we have accumulated in our life together as a family. Much of it with memories attached, some items of utility and somethings leaving us wondering – why in the world do we own that?

I hope that we will be able to shed some of this physical weight before the moving truck arrives on June 18. We are planning to join the neighborhood garage sale on June 1 and 2, so stop by 502 S. Denver Street if you are looking for some bargains. Of course, the things from Nicole’s office and mine will be added to the total weight. I wonder how much that will add …

The moving van may be full and our hearts will be full, as well. Our hearts and souls are filled with memories, experiences, and relationships that will last longer than much of what can be found in the boxes currently stacking up in our living room.

And those travel light.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Moving was so much a part of my life growing up (my father was an Air Force officer) that it was almost second nature to me. Only once have I, in my own professional life, hired a professional moving company to move my things/stuff. The first company came in and gave us an estimate for everything, pointing out what we could pack ourselves to save money. I brought in three other companies for estimates, each time eliminating things that we could pack. In the end, we used the first company at a price 1/2 of their original estimate because we identified what we could pack and what we didn’t need.

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