My 31st Birthday

Today is the day.

I’m 31.

I suppose that makes me in my early 30s.

Any advice on this decade?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Enjoy it as much as you can, as things (like metabolism, energy) start to slow down in the 40’s! You’re not as old as you think you are (yet); there will be time for that later! Travel and spend as much time together as a couple as you can, as once the kids get into school, you are now tied to their schedule, and have to wait for your 50’s (ugh!) to begin enjoying life again!! LOL!

Andy!! Happy, happy, happy birthday!!! Just keep on loving Jesus. Kiss John for us and of course, best to Nichole. Is this email address the best way to communicate with you personally? We are so excited to be reading you thought provoking posts.

God bless you

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