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Metrics for the UMC: A Question of Counting (1 of 3)

Several weeks ago, I wrote a series about Why Numbers Matter in the UMC and I wanted to follow that up with some thoughts that I have been percolating on since then.

Statistically, for metrics to be any good they need to be measuring the same thing across time and among different locations. I don’t have any conclusions today, but just a question:

What is the standard for counting worship attendance? Do you include:

  • Children?
  • Infants in the Nursery?
  • Adults?
  • Volunteers?
  • Staff?
What do you count at your church for worship attendance?

2 replies on “Metrics for the UMC: A Question of Counting (1 of 3)”

We count everyone in the sanctuary before children go to children’s church. I think what’s most important, though, is that the form as counting stay consistent over the years and that we measure those numbers against our own history rather than against other church’s numbers.

We count everything that has breath in our worship services!!! Not so good on verifying if double dipping but that is for another day!!!

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