Breathe In, Breathe Out

I recently learned that Relaxation is a Skill. One of the ways to relax is to breathe deeply. Our son is 9 months old and it doesn’t do us much good to tell him to take a deep breathe. What we can do is to hold him close and breathe deeply.

This helped me know more about my relationship with God. One of the ways to relax in life is to be close to God and breathe deeply in and with God’s spirit. Deep breathing is good for the body and soul.

6 thoughts on “Breathe In, Breathe Out

  1. I have learned through my years of parenting (soon to be thirty-one years) that what you’ve just learned with John is something that I’m still using even though our sons are no longer under our roof! I am so very thankful that God is with me, and actually I’m most of the time with God, during this ongoing parenting process of taking a long, slow breath in and letting it out just the same. It helps me and doesn’t seem to hurt the guys! And I can remember God better.

    1. Nancy – It is encouraging for me to hear your perspective. I particularly appreciate, “I can remember God better” So helpful. Thank you!

  2. Works well in all of life. Try to learn to apply this when you run and pray.

    1. Richard – Of course! I hadn’t mentioned running, but critical there too. Thanks!

  3. That’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing Andrew.

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