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Resurrection West – Increase Participation in Missions

Earlier this week, I met with the Resurrection West Missions team. This is a fantastic group of people in the congregation who are committed to transforming communities. This team is responsible for one of the strategic objectives that we have as a congregation at West for this year. Here it is:

“In order to be more visible and active in our community through service, we will increase mission participation so that 75% of the worship attendance serves outside the walls of the church by 12/31/2011. As we open our doors to the new facility, we not only want to invite our neighbors in but also to send our congregation out.”

I am excited by this objective and achieving it will make a positive impact on our congregation as well as the surrounding community.

By Andrew Conard

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I heard an interesting analogy once, and wish I could remember the source. Churches are like bodies – they must both inhale by bringing new members into the congregation, and exhale by sending the congregation out into mission in order to remain healthy.

Just like with a physical body, if a congregation only inhales, or only exhales, it will suffocate.

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