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Leadership and Reading At the Right Level

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Last week, I was reading Mr. Brown can Moo, Can You?: Dr. Seuss’s Book of Wonderful Noises to my son when I realized that I was holding the book at a level that was easy for me to read and not one that was great for him to see. I quickly changed the angle of the book to one that he could see.

I realized that there was a lesson here, not just for reading books to our son, but for leadership as well. You may have a way of interacting with others that works just fine for you, however if your interventions are not made in a way that they can be received by others they won’t do much good.

Are you leading at the right level?This is similar to our leadership interventions.

By Andrew Conard

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Excellent post. As a former middle school reading teacher, I am very aware of the importance of “reading at the right level”. There are some things that I even have difficulty reading (right now I am struggling to wade through some language of our Book of Discipline). Maybe I just need to tilt the page a bit.

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