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Great Plans for the Great Plains – #GPGP or #Kanaska

I support the formation of a new United Methodist Annual Conference that would cover Kansas and Nebraska. This possibility was put before the annual conference sessions of Nebraska, Kansas East and Kansas West this year as a five finger vote (PDF). This is basically a way to share a level of approval or disapproval without an up or down vote. You can read more about it at Three conferences express support for moving forward as one.

I believe that it was wise to receive this input before the opportunity to vote up or down on this proposal. The team that is working on considering this transition has a great deal of work still ahead. I was most hopeful about the openness of sharing the responses to the vote. You can find all of the open ended responses online here. I read through some but not all of the comments. For me, the willingness to share these responses is a positive sign. I am confident that the transition team, along with those addressing some of the technical changes will be able to move forward in a way that will bring positive change across the area.

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