How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education (and church?)

I found this to be fascinating and thought that you might enjoy this graphic. How much is or could be  applicable to the church? For example, to paraphrase a paragraph found in the graphic:

But today, due to the Internet’s transformative power, faithful people can custom-design their own religious experience in whatever way they see fit. Creating discipleship content and being discipled is no longer confined to being connected with a church; anyone with an Internet connection can grow in their faith.

I don’t agree completely with the paragraph above but see how it could be appealing. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

By Andrew Conard

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One reply on “How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education (and church?)”

The concern I have from this info-graphic is the continuing move of the individual to the center of the equation. The movement that started in the reformation and enlightnement away from institutional and communal authority was a necessary corrective in its historical context, but I think that we are quickly approaching an equally unsustainable level of individualism which is destructive to most of our common institutions. To the extent the internet trend in education divorces us from the communal learning process, i think it may not be a good thing. Thus we in the church must look for ways to utilize the amazing tool that is the internet to transmit content, while continuing to shape people in the context of community.

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