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SXSW Interactive – Next Steps for Resurrection Online

This is a collection of next steps for Resurrection Online from my time at SXSW Interactive in categories. Will you please share your thoughts, feelings or opinions about these possible next steps?

The Journey of becoming a Deeply Committed Christian

  • Create opportunities for positive competitive environments – best guidance, most faithful next steps, insightful response to scripture or worship, etc.
  • Create feedback loops for membership expectations.
  • Explore the possibility of allowing users to tag, rate, connect and organize Resurrection’s sermon archive.
  • Encourage offline actions (love your neighbor) through what happens online.

User Design Experience

  • What if we allowed Resurrection Online to be embeddable on other sites?
  • Create the opportunity for people to engage from the very first time they worship online
  • Create a vision onesheet for Resurrection Online
  • Intentionally design a user experience strategy for Resurrection Online
  • Design a user experience that will sustain connection over a long period of time
  • Pay attention to the motivating human behavior for worship online
  • Develop a shaping strategy and view for mainline church online
  • Determine whether Resurrection Online will become a shaping platform for mainline church online
  • Audit the Resurrection Online website

Community Development

  • Develop a way to share and receive stories of people who worship with Resurrection Online.
  • Create opportunities to live out attributes of a community for Resurrection Online
  • Facilitate connections among regular worshipers that are in similar situations
  • Practice random acts of connection among regulars – email, phone, letter.
  • Create predictable programs to invite people to engage – once a week, first Monday, etc.
  • Expand the Resurrection Stories shared via the GPS beyond Lent.
  • Engage with people who I may not recognize as being an influencer
  • Introduce members of the Resurrection Online community to one another.

Game Layer

  • What would a game layer would look like for the journey of knowing, loving and serving God?
  • What would a game layer would look like for worship at Resurrection Online?
  • Design game mechanics for Resurrection Online including: Come and Try It – intial engagement; Bring Friends and Play Together – social; Come Back – creating repeat engagement

Open / Crowdsourced Project

  • Explore open projects for the people of Resurrection Online
  • Set up a crowdsourced project for the people of Resurrection Online about how they became connected with Resurrection Online called Why Resurrection Online?
  • Create opportunities for Resurrection Online regulars to influence future development.
  • Focus on a single platform and use it very well before expanding.
  • Pay attention to whether those that share feedback are regulars at Resurrection Online
  • Ask for ideas to improve Resurrection Online from regulars.


  • Provide guidance for people to prepare offline for worship online. Some internal preparation may be helpful before you turn on the screen.
  • Do not force people to log in or share contact information to worship
  • Clearly communicate what will be done with information that is received in the attendance form

Be Aware

  • Be aware that Resurrection Online is amazing technology to which some people feel entitled.
  • Be aware that Resurrection Online encourages bilocationality – people trying to be two places at once.
  • Pay attention to guidelines for building an online community as development continues with Resurrection Online
  • Visit the communities where I hope to build Resurrection Online frequently
  • Pay careful attention to the updates that we encourage people to make about Resurrection Online

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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