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My #SXSW Interactive Experience – Day 2

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I came to SXSW Interactive 2011 to gain perspectives, discover technology and learn practical steps that will help Resurrection Online fulfill our purpose of building a Christian community where non and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. I hope to share some highlights and next steps from the day for Resurrection Online and myself.

My Experience – Day 2

How Many Rungs?: Social Change & the Engagement Ladder

  • Most of the most important actions you may hope to influence do not happen online.
  • Micro-donors are making an emotional connection to a cause – They don’t care if you are tax-deductible or not.
  • Help everyone take the next step in their engagement instead of focusing on how many people are at a particular engagement level.
  • Choose one technology platform that you can use well instead of multiple platforms that you do not use well.
  • Help people know that they are truly able to make a difference in the world.

Are Your Customers a Crowd or a Community?

  • Crowds: receive information passively; have pride; are looking for benefits; driven by connection; prefer to get; powered by inspiration; are sustained by service
  • Communities: need a forum to communicate and interact; have purpose; are looking to belong; driven by collaboration; prefer to give; powered by influence; are sustained by story
  • Belonging can never be commoditized.
  • You do not have to scale the resources to connect the community and organization if you allow the whole community to belong to each other.
  • Do you have more places for your constituents to connect (listen and respond) or collaborate (influence next steps)?

Keynote: Seth Priebatsch

  • The previous decade was about the social layer – taking connections to family and friends online.
  • The next decade will be about the game layer – using game mechanics in the real world to motivate action.
  • The game layer may give us tools to make an impossible problem possible.
  • It is a huge win to move a problem from impossible to very difficult.
  • A group may be able to quickly solve a complex problem when given clear rules.

The Behavior Change Checklist. Down With Gamefication

  • The secret to behavior change is a feedback loop – an understanding of what one’s actions and how they affect things.

    The Behavior Change Checklist. Down With Gamefication
  • To create a feedback loop move data to meaning, meaning to actionability and actionability to data.
  • Our mind turns a feedback loop into a game.
  • Time discounting and delayed gratification are two major barriers to behavior change.
  • Time discounting refers to the greater value that is placed on enjoyment now over enjoyment in the future.

Lurkers: Your Most Important Community Members

  • At times, lurker = learner. People want to gain more information about the organization.
  • Everyone who becomes an active part of a community begin as lurkers.
  • The most active community members will cycle in and out over time.
  • Helping lurkers take one sharing opportunity is critical to ensure a continuing active community
  • Create the opportunity for people to engage as soon as they begin.

Next Steps for Resurrection Online

  • Focus on a single platform and use it very well before expanding.

    Inside the Austin Convention Center
  • Encourage offline actions (love your neighbor) through what happens online.
  • Develop a way to share and receive stories of people who worship with Resurrection Online.
  • Create opportunities to live out attributes of a community for Resurrection Online
  • Create opportunities for Resurrection Online regulars to influence future development.
  • What would a game layer would look like for the journey of knowing, loving and serving God?
  • What would a game layer would look like for worship at Resurrection Online?
  • Create feedback loops for membership expectations.
  • Pay attention to whether those that share feedback are regulars at Resurrection Online
  • Practice random acts of connection among regulars – email, phone, letter.
  • Create predictable programs to invite people to engage – once a week, first Monday, etc.
  • Facilitate connections among regular worshipers that are in similar situations
  • Create the opportunity for people to engage from the very first time they worship online

Next Steps for Me

  • Where can I be involved in making a difference that has a multiplier effect?
  • Be active in communities of which I am a part.
  • Try out
  • Check out TED Talks, each from a Seth – and
  • Create additional feedback loops around my desired behavior change.
  • Become a lurker/learner in some new online communities.

Sites to Investigate 

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