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Top Posts from 2010

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Here are the top posts for the past 365 days that were written in 2010:

  1. Church Growth = Increased Pastor Salary?
  2. Top 8 Reasons to end Guaranteed Appointments in the UMC
  3. Ordination Paperwork in the UMC: A Provocative Proposal
  4. Do I have to believe all the beliefs in Methodism to be a Methodist?
  5. What to Do with Ineffective United Methodist Clergy
  6. Ordination in the UMC: Doctrinal Papers
  7. 2010 Twitter Hashtags for #UMC Annual Conferences
  8. #smckc + #smcjoco = 7
  9. What is a guaranteed appointment in the UMC?
  10. What to Do with Unhealthy United Methodist Congregations





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