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Invitation ≠ Evangelism

John the Baptist baptizing Christ
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While there is some discussion as to whether the The Missional Church… Simple video is helpful, I found one point particularly helpful.

Invitation does not equal evangelism.

Inviting someone to show up to church to hear a ministry professional share the good news is quite different from sharing your own story of how you encountered Jesus and how life is different from following Him.

By Andrew Conard

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2 replies on “Invitation ≠ Evangelism”

Invitation is part of evangelism tho–don’t overlook it! The Invitation is how God closed the deal on my accepting Christ. The Holy Spirit had been working on my heart via the witness of Christians around me. He used an invite to an old fashioned “revival service” to help me to finally see the need for full sorrow and repentance and the receiving of the forgiveness of Christ. That service also set me in a church that nurtured and discipled me. However, the fallow ground had been made ready by the witness of 10-20 friends and co-workers faithfully telling me about Jesus Christ.

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