2010 Congregational Survey Results for Resurrection Online

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Each year, Resurrection takes an anonymous survey of the congregation. This year there were 134 people who took part in the survey that indicated they primarily worship with Resurrection Online. I have completed some analysis of the survey. What do you make of these results?

  • More gender balanced than the rest of the church with 56.7% females and 43.8% males
  • Highest % of 18-24 year olds
  • Older than West and Downtown; Younger than Blue Springs
  • Shortest length of involvement at Resurrection
  • Lowest participation in small groups by more than 20%
  • Attend the most infrequently
  • Give least percentage of income across all giving levels with 28.3% giving 0% of their income
  • 52% consider Resurrection to be their church home
  • 58% are involved in another church
  • 38% are leaders in another church
  • 60% live outside the Kansas City metropolitan area
  • Aspects of worship service to change to better experience God, more than the rest of the church: sermons, length of service, interaction with other worshipers
  • 59.8% with few social connections in the church; almost twice as many as any other location
  • The church could help grow toward becoming a deeply committed Christian by: teaching me to pray on my own, hep me increase my financial generosity, improve my experience of God in worship, teach me to study scriptures on my own

Top Responses to “Why do you worship online?”

  1. Distance from Resurrection Leawood
  2. Convenience / work travel
  3. Spiritual meaning / sermon
  4. Health / mobility
  5. Poor local church worship / sermon

Top Responses to “As someone who worships online, what would help you feel more connected with God and other people?

  1. Nothing / not sure
  2. Online small groups
  3. In person / local connection
  4. Online Bible study / classes
  5. Interaction / Chat / Discussion

Top Responses to “Please provide any suggestions that would improve your experience of Resurrection Online.”

  1. Nothing / not sure
  2. More interaction with others
  3. Online Classes
  4. Increased / continued inclusion in worship
  5. New physical locations of Resurrection

One reply on “2010 Congregational Survey Results for Resurrection Online”


I couldn’t help but see some interesting trends in your post.

The shortest length of engagement with Resurrection and the least frequent participation tend to be reasonable assumptions for any on-line worship format. I suspect that this trend will continue as “churn” will occur more on-line than in person (this isn’t necessarily bad, but more on that later). I also think the giving is expected. I am actually surprised that less than 1/3 give nothing, since about half have a church affiliation elsewhere.

Having fewer social connections and being less active in small groups go hand-in-hand, and do not surprise me for an on-line format. The areas of needed improvement also follow along these lines. Learning pray, study scripture, and live generously, as well as experiencing God in worship, are all admirable goals, but ones which I suspect that many on-line formats will have trouble developing.

This leads me back to my comment on churn. For people who primarily worship through Resurrection on-line and do not have a local small group, I suspect that on-line worship will leave them wanting more. This will lead many to find local Christian communities in which they can become involved. This is where they will find the community can better meet their needs.

So, should Resurrection on-line give up if most people come for a while and then find a local community instead? By all means, no. The service provided by an on-line forum can be less Christian development and more Christian introduction. If the people leave your on-line format to become involved elsewhere, that is fabulous. It’s the same reason I no longer decry the “fluffy” mega-churches. They tend to have churn rates of nearly 50% per year. But if they are making Christians who then move on to find more depth, they are still making Christians and performing a task at which many, if not most, main-stream churches have proven to be far less than competent.

Keep working for Christ, my friend!

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