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Non-Negotiables for Church Staff

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I was inspired by Alexandra Bornkessel to consider What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

I have four non-negotiables for church staff. They are:

  • Commitment – You need to be committed to Christ and to the mission of the church. If this is missing, there is really no use continuing a conversation about possible involvement.
  • Passion – You need to be passionate about the mission of the organization. You don’t have to be turning cartwheels whenever you are working, however you need at least a glimmer of excitement about what you are doing.
  • Hope – You must be hopeful about the future. This applies to the future of God’s kingdom coming fully into the world and to the future of the organization – the best days are ahead, not behind.
  • Flexibility – It is certain that there will be a changing environment both inside and outside the church. You need to be willing to flex in your responsibilities and pitch in when others need help, even if it is outside your primary responsibilities.

What are your non-negotiables for church staff?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

7 replies on “Non-Negotiables for Church Staff”

Which do you find most frequently lacking?

I see a lack of hope most frequently in the UMC. I’ve focused on combating this partially by making light of the way each generation seems to be down on the next/new generation in general. I’ve also carefully emphasized that Paul talks about three great Christian virtues, not just two.

But there is a real feeling that we are a part of a slowly diminishing denomination and that robs people of hope. Replacing despair with joy and hope is a tricky thing that can come off as cliche or insincere very easily.

Andy – I agree that hope is what is what is most frequently lacking in the United Methodist Church. I appreciate your connection with Paul’s faith, hope and love. Hope does have to be based in reality and the future isn’t hopeful for every congregation as it currently exists. Hope for the universal church is certain and for the denomination, more certain than for some congregations.

Andrew–Thanks for sharing your non-negotiables! Hope is my favorite word given Hebrews 11:1 is one of my favorite verses, so I like that one obviously. But I also really like the thought of flexibiliy–I think that’s a hugely important characteristic no matter what one’s job is and I think it’s important to value no matter what one’s position (jr. vs. sr.) is as well.

What do you see as a role for attenders who are not ready to call themselves fully Christians. If a church is doing the right thing it should have pre-Christians in its midst. Do you see a volunteer role for people whose conversion might be facilitated by that?

John – Excellent call. You are right on here. I updated the post to address the role for staff only. Clearly there are places for non and nominally religious volunteers in the church. Thank you for your correction.

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