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The Missional Church… simple

Does this describe your church?


What is helpful about this video? What could be improved?

By Andrew Conard

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I would say its completely unhelpful. Particularly because it assumes that certain churches aren’t leading beyond the walls. While there are some helpful critiques, the video doesn’t really explain what the alternative would look like and/or how it would differ than current church culture. If the suggestion is that the problem is homogeneity of Mega Churches, it begs the question whether these folks have visited any number of Pentecostal churches which are both large, heavily sub culture-ish, and multi-ethnic/economic/etc.

Chuck, can two friends talk smack on a third friend’s blog? I hope so. 🙂 You really think it’s “completely” unhelpful? I’d have to disagree. Most helpful is the concept that much of the church has relegated evangelism to inviting someone to church. I think even for churches that are leading beyond the walls, some may be doing this as a matter of staffing or programming, but this video is saying that a missional mindset is empowering individual congregants to be Christ in the world. Most churches don’t do a very good job of this. Most Christians have a hard time discussing their faith with others, I’ve found. I don’t think the video is suggesting that the problem is homogeneity, as much as acknowledging that that’s the result of the attractional model. Like attracts like.

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