Family Time and Baby Preparation

The past few days have been full of baby preparation and family time. My parents traveled from Hutchinson to be with us for Hutchinson. Nicole’s parents and sister were planning to be here as well, however they were not able to make it due to a death in the family. We were blessed to be able to spend time with family.

With my parents help, we were able to get the baby room painted, furniture arranged and baby items sorted. We have a rocking chair on each level of our home and even managed to get to Cedar Valley Forest for a Christmas tree. It is a little mind boggling to consider what has happened over the last few days.

We are getting ready to finish up several more classes at the hospital – Newborn Care, Infant / Child CPR and Breastfeeding. Packing a hospital bag and we will be about as prepared as possible.

By Andrew Conard

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The classes were worth it. My favorite part was the guy one table back who nearly passed out from one video. Ha! You’ll over-prepare the bag, don’t worry. You just have to be there with Nicole. My best advice is buy a twin size air matress, or have someone prepared to go buy one in the event of an extended stay. Whatever the hospital has for you to sleep on will be *horrible*. Do whatever Nicole says without question unless it’s dangerous to someone. 😉 Unless she gets put on Magnesium, in which case she will lose capacity for rational thought, have no idea that has happened, and you won’t notice it quickly either. Otherwise do what she says. 😉

Brian – Great advice! Thanks for your response. I will definitely keep those things in mind, especially doing whatever Nicole says without question unless it’s dangerous to someone. Nice.

I agree with Brian, do whatever Nicole says, which, if my wife was anywhere near the normal, will be strange and will give you hours of entertainment after the event, as well as good sermon illustration material (with Nicole’s permission of course). Congratulations on getting everything done so early. Because of a series of messups by the company we ordered from, I picked up our furniture the day before Linda went into labor, and then had our neighbor help me move it to the nursery a couple of hours before I brought everyone home. But, no matter how much you prepare and think you are ready, you always discover it is so much different than you expected.

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