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Social Media and US Catholic Bishops

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The US Catholic Bishops are Urged to Embrace Social Media in Order to Effectively Evangelize ‘Digital Continent’

“Although social media has been around for less than 10 years, it doesn’t have the makings of a fad,” said Bishop Herzog. “We’re being told that it is causing as fundamental a shift in communication patterns and behavior as the printing press did 500 years ago. And I don’t think I have to remind you of what happened when the Catholic Church was slow to adapt to that new technology,” he said, referencing the Protestant Reformation.

“Anyone can create a blog,” he noted. “Everyone’s opinion is valid. And if a question or contradiction is posted, the digital natives expect a response and something resembling a conversation. We can choose not to enter into that cultural mindset, but we do so at great peril to the Church’s credibility and approachability in the minds of the natives, those who are growing up in this new culture. This is a new form of pastoral ministry.”

It is pretty heady stuff to make compare social media to the printing press and possible outcomes similar to the Protestant Reformation. I believe that there is “a new form of pastoral ministry” to be explored and developed.

How do you feel about this comparison and guidance?