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Trip to Dallas x2

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Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to travel to Dallas twice. One of these trips was to share the story of Resurrection Online and what we have learned to a clergy development group of executive pastors from across Texas. It was a great blessing to be with them and share ideas about how technology might be a tool for helping connect people with God. You can check out the presentation that I prepared for them at On that trip, I had the chance to share a meal with David Alexander, one of the pastors at First UMC Mansfield.

The second trip was instigated by my membership on the UMR Communications Board of Directors. This is my first opportunity to serve in this type of leadership role. I have learned a lot over the past several months and am looking forward to several more years of serving. On this trip, I had the opportunity to meet Paul Rasmussen, who leads Cornerstone, a worship community at Highland Park UMC. It was great to met him and hear about the way that God has been at work among that community. It was a blessing then to connect with Kevin Watson and Bill Gepford. I met Kevin at Wesley Theological Seminary and Bill worked as an intern with Resurrection Online this past summer.

It was good to be present for church stuff. It was, perhaps, more valuable for me to build relationships with people who care about Jesus and the church – people that I care about. Renewal of the church will be built on relationships – with God and others.

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Cool! I just had a phone conversation with David Alexander’s assistant, Crystal, about church production. She called me last week because she’s trying to assist David – while at the same time, stepping into the role of producer for every one of their services. Girl’s got a lot going on!

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