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National UnFriend Day 2010

I care about community and hope to be part of building a Christian community online where non religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians through Resurrection Online. As a pastor, should I accept every friend request that I receive? Does it matter of the individual is part of the congregation that I currently serve? served in the past?

Alerted by this post, Jimmy Kimmel Calls for National UnFriend Day, I am going to take part. Will you?

4 replies on “National UnFriend Day 2010”

I get the idea behind Kimmel, and he’s generally the late night host I watch. This one just doesn’t figure with me. I’ve met a lot of new people who I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t done the friend thing even not knowing who they were in the beginning.

I’m not in, but I do expect that people will unfollow me, which, is okay.

Gavin – You are right. There are people that I have met first in social media and then have met in person with a good relationship as a result. I have not figured out a good balance between those that I know and don’t know. Going forward, I believe I will look at Twitter as the way to connect with people that I have not met in person and pay more attention to Facebook for those that I have met in person. Thanks for the push back.

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