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Waze and Spiritual Growth

Image by tenz1225 via Flickr

One of my new favorite iOS apps is Waze – Social GPS navigation, traffic & road reports (iTunes link). SocialTimes calls it Wikipedia for Drivers and You can also find out more at their website. What I love about this app is that it uses data from other users to help improve driving directions and avoid traffic jams. I commend it to you, as the more people that use it the better it gets.

What about this idea for spiritual growth? Is there a way to connect with people with others on the journey of knowing, loving and serving God to know what is actually helpful in growing in faith? As more people take part, it would be able to better help others connect with what might be helpful in their journey.

This can be done one on one through work with a spiritual director, but even the value of that guidance is limited by the experience and connection of that individual. Does something like this exist? Would you find something like this useful?

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I think something like that does exist…. Its the Creeds, the Tradition (Especially the early tradition of the church), and our Doctrinal standards. In essence these are the ultimate crowd sourcing and each is intended to do exactly what you suggest – guide individuals in their understanding and formation as followers of the authenic Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Just a thought.

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