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Top 12 Questions before Launching Online Worship

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Resurrection Online has been streaming worship since November of 2008. If you are considering launching an online worship service at your faith community, you first have clear answers to these questions first:

  1. Why are we launching online worship?
  2. Why does worshiping online make sense within the culture of our church?
  3. Will this effort be supported by all levels of church leadership?
  4. How does online worship further our mission?
  5. How will technical issues be addressed?
  6. Of what will the worship experience online consist?
  7. What impact do we anticipate on the current congregation?
  8. Who will own the initiative?
  9. What resources, if any, will be used to provide opportunities to grow in faith outside worship?
  10. What resources, if any, will be used to provide care and support for those that worship online?
  11. In what way, if any, will persons be enabled or encouraged to give financially?
  12. What will be the nature of the community encountered by internet worshippers?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Great questions. I think an excellent follow-up post (or series of posts) would be for you to go through this list and show how you (and those involved with resurrection online) answered them. I’d be interested (and no doubt I am not alone) to see the thought processes more in-depth.

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