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10-10-18 Resurrection Online Update

I am excited about what is happening at Resurrection Online. Currently we are testing out different solutions for encoding our stream. We are currently using a single computer for the production environment, remote camera control and encoding the primary stream that goes out to the interwebz. Beginning with a new encoder and continuing into 2011 I hope that we will be able to upgrade the hardware for all of Resurrection Online. This will make the production environment easier for volunteers and improve the quality and flexibility of the stream that we are able to share online. This past weekend we took a look at an encoder from Kulabyte and hope to also take a look at solutions from Digital Rapids and ViewCast.

As you know, I have been working on developing the online community at Resurrection Online to create a place to worship, grow, give and serve online. In addition, I have sought to equip leaders to launch in person faith communities, micro churches, in homes, colleges and independent living facilities using Resurrection Online as a tool. I have worked to push both of these areas forward since I began full time with Resurrection Online on November 1, 2009. I have found that I am not able to push forward both of these areas as effectively as I would like. It will be helpful to focus on one of them as 2011 begins to see the best possible chance at success. While both efforts will continue, one will be primary for a while.

I have been working with both staff and volunteers to determine which of these areas I will focus on for the months ahead. What are your thoughts, feelings or opinions about this attempt to narrow the focus and broaden the vision for Resurrection Online?

By Andrew Conard

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Personally, I’m thrilled about the potential behind the in-home viewing capabilities – the micro-churches. While I may not be one that participates in those, I am thoroughly behind that concept.

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