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Planting Seeds – Part 2

A garden lawn
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As I wrote yesterday, I overseeded my lawn this fall and have been pleased to see that some of the seeds have sprouted and are growing. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth spreading seed over the entire lawn. It seems as if the seed will not grow everywhere, so why should I bother with the time and cost of spreading over the entire lawn.

After reading the Parable of the Sower this week (see Planting Seeds – Part 1), I gained some helpful perspective. Across my yard, it is difficult for me to know exactly which places are ready to receive seed – it will fall correctly, get enough water, have soil that is ready, etc. There are preparation steps that I take to prepare the soil, however ultimately it is difficult for me to determine where the seed will grow. It is a faithful effort for me to spread seed across the entire yard, knowing that not all of it will sprout.

Likewise, it is worth my time in ministry to spread the seed of God‘s Word in places where I am not sure if it will take root and grow. It is impossible for me to tell who will respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ unless it has been given a chance to take hold in someone’s life. I feel that part of my responsibility as a pastor in the United Methodist Church is to spread the seed of God’s word in every area and by every means that I am able. The next step is to be attentive to where it has begun to take hold and continue to support, equip and sustain those persons in their journey of faith.

By Andrew Conard

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